Sep 27

Herbal Treatments For Hair Loss

Lots of us spend a small fortune on hair products in order to make our hair look its best. Some of us are desperate to halt hair loss or cause new hairs to grow, so end up trying loads of different shampoos and products in an effort to stop thinning hair.

Hair loss is largely down to genetic factors, but other things can cause hair loss such as medication, hormones,nutrition and thyroid disease.

As well as topical treatments, there are medical products that aim to stop hair loss. The problem with some of these is that they are so powerful that they cause dangerous side effects. They might not work too. It can be difficult to tell which products will work and which won't.

On the other hand we have herbal remedies for hair loss, which are much gentler on the scalp but can be just as effective at preventing hair loss and causing hair regrowth.

Here are a few natural hair loss remedies:

Ginkgo biloba – Full of antioxidants, Ginkgo biloba stimulates circulation around the follicles in order to strengthen the hair shaft.

Polygonum Multiflorum – This Chinese herb has been in use for hundreds of years to reduce hair loss as well as promote hair growth, and is even said to restore hair to its natural color.

Topical aromatherapy applications – The theory behind aromatherapy use for hair loss is that by massaging the scalp with certain oils like lavendar and rosemary, you stimulate blood flow in the scalp which makes follicles healthier.

Reishi mushroom – This is another Chinese herb said to help prevent the balding process. It can be bought in Chinese herb shops.

Har Vokse – A powerful all in one hair loss prevention and hair regrowth product that has a spray which contains herbal ingredients like green tea and Centella Asiatica. It has undergone vigorous clinical testing to ensure it really does work for stopping balding in its tracks.

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