Jul 29

How to Prevent Hair Loss

There are lots of things that can cause hair loss, from nutrition to genetics, stress to vitamin deficiencies. No matter what the cause it can be emotionally painful to lose your hair whether you are male or female.

In the following article we will attempt to address the causes of hair loss in order to prevent it from occurring, and provide a solution when it has already happened.

  • Take care of yourself – Especially if you have a disease. Your body will be using its resources to keep itself alive instead of keeping your hair healthy if you refuse medication for medical problems, so seek advice from a doctor and take all the help you can get.
  • Eat more protein – One of the most common causes of hair loss is protein deficiency, so make sure you eat lots of protein in your diet.
  • Avoid some anti-depressants – Unfortunately certain anti-depressants cause hair to fall out, so if you are in the position to need them then talk to your doctor about changing to a hair sparing drug.
  • Speak to a doctor – Especially if you do not know what is causing your hair to fall out. A doctor will be experienced in the varied causes of hair loss and will be able to advise about what is causing your hair to fall out.
  • Avoid wigs – It is only natural to want to cover up hair loss by using a wig, but you could make the problem worse. Wearing a wig or hat can aggravate the problem and cause hair to fall out more quickly.
  • Take a hair regrowth supplement – Like our top rated hair growth supplement Har Vokse. You could start on the path to natural hair regrowth quickly and stop hair loss in its tracks with such a product.

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Jul 03

iGrow Laser Helmet Review

A new wave of laser treatments for hair loss has come onto the market recently, promising hair growth for people who suffer from thinning hair. The problem is, how do you tell which works and which is just another expensive scam?

The iGrow laser helmet comes in at a hefty price tag of $659, and you might think to yourself that you pay for quality. This is certainly true for some hair loss treatments, but is it true for the iGrow? We decided to delve deeper.

How does the iGrow laser helmet work?

igrow laser helmet

This is an FDA approved device that promises to stimulate hair follicles with low level lasers.

When worn every other day for 20 minutes for 6 months, the makers claim you will see an improvement in thinning hair.

Does the iGrow work?

Even though this is an FDA approved device, this doesn't mean that the FDA agree that it works. This only means that it has been approved as safe for use.

The biggest problem with this device, and others like it, is that it only works on thinning hair. Therefore it won't work on bald patches that many people have that goes beyond mere thinning.

the HairMax Lasercomb uses a similar mechanism of action, and we have reviewed it as an inferior product to our better alternative (which we cover below).

Is there a better alternative?

You are probably here because you are looking for a really effective treatment for hair loss.And I'm not going to disappoint you.

Har Vokse is a Norwegian product that has been clinically proven to work for both thinning hair and balding patches. In one clinical trialĀ  90% of the participants had an average of 63.9% hair regrowth.

It comprises a supplement and a spray so you can treat hair loss from the inside and the outside.

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