Aug 16

Do Natural Hair Loss Cures Work?

While it is true that the popular hair loss products of today are largely chemical based, some people prefer not to use these strong chemical substances on their scalp. More often than not, they can have unpleasant side effects.

These side effects can be anything from itching and irritation to burns and permanent scarring. There is thought to be a higher chance of skin reactions with chemical based products.

So if you don't want to use synthetic chemicals for your hair loss, does that mean you have to put up with losing your hair? Absolutely not.

There are totally natural hair loss products that have been proven to work. And because they are natural, their side effects are lesser.

So why aren't natural hair loss products more popular? It is because they find it difficult to meet the costs needed to get FDA approval. FDA approval means a company has to pay for expensive clinical studies and this is a cost not many companies can afford.

Just because a product isn't FDA approved doesn't mean it does not work. Many of these natural products work very well, after all in order to cause healthy hair growth your scalp needs essential vitamins and minerals that many natural hair loss products provide.

For every natural product that works for hair growth there is another that is basically useless so it does pay to do your research.

We researched many hair loss products and found that our top rated product was actually herbal and natural. It is called Har Vokse and its key ingredient is a marine protein that helps increase blood flow to the scalp and increases hair regrowth through multiple mechanisms of action.

It does have the backing of clinical studies that prove it works as well as many positive testimonials from happy consumers to back up its hair growth claims.

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