Jun 29

How to Reverse Female Hair Loss Naturally

Many women want to know how to reverse female hair loss naturally because they don't want to use harsh chemicals or even resort to hair transplants. Scientists estimate that there are 30 million women with hair loss issues right now across the world.

The good news is that for most of these women, their hair loss problem can be cured or at least improved using natural solutions. It is possible to reverse female hair loss naturally. First you must understand what is causing your hair to fall out.

What Causes Female Hair Loss

We are unlike men in that we don't suffer from “male pattern baldness”. The causes for hair loss in women are varied but they can be tackled once the cause is understood. You can make your hair grow back and prevent further hair loss in the future.

reverse female hair lossCommon reasons for female hair loss are hormones (e.g. changes during the menopause and pregnancy), stress and nutrient deficiencies. Genetics can be a factor so if your parents lost their hair early in life you might have your answer.

Androgenetic alopecia, is the most common cause of female hair loss and typically occurs due to hormone changes at the menopause or after pregnancy. It lasts for around 3 months in total and you may have this if your hair stops growing and thins.

If you have lost a lot of hair it would be best to see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis. There is only so much help “Doctor Google” can give you. But you can take steps to reverse female hair loss naturally at home.

How to Reverse Female Hair Loss

The most important tip to remember is that you shouldn't get stressed out about hair loss. Stress is a major factor in causing hair to fall out so worrying about the problem will only make it worse!

You shouldn't be tearing your hair out literally or figuratively. Make time to de-stress with yoga or meditation classes being a great way to do so.

If you want to lose weight then do not go on a crash diet as this can be a cause of female hair loss. Lose weight gradually and sensibly with diet and exercise that allows for many nutrients to be included in your day to day meal plan.

If a nutrient deficiency is causing your hair loss problem, varying your diet to get more of the missing nutrients is an ideal way of remedying this naturally. Common nutrients you need for a healthy head of hair are:

  • Protein
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Iron.

You may want to use a natural hair regrowth product such as Har Vokse. This is a Norwegian formula that contains all the nutrients and vitamins you need in order to regrow your hair and prevent future hair loss. And it works for woman as well as men (despite the slightly masculine blue packaging).

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Jul 14

How To Hide Thinning Hair for Women

As we go through life, we experience all kinds of changes in our body. Hormonal changes, chemical changes, even changes in our weight. These changes all effect us in different ways such as our nails get thinner, our body has a harder time putting off weight, our skin gets drier, and our hair gets much thinner.

female hair lossMany of these changes can be hard to deal with, but one that truly affects our pride is when our hair gets thinner. We notice our hair doesn’t look so cute anymore in certain styles, or that it doesn’t fall as pretty as it once did.  Everything we used to do is not something we can do anymore, and it saddens us.

There are multiple tips available on how to hide thinning hair, and they may seem silly, but they have proven effective for many other women. Give these ideas a try, and you may be pleased with the results.  The more options we have available the better.

These are some great suggestions on how to hide thinning hair:

Change your hair color

Darker hair color amplifies the thinness of the hair, so add highlights or lighten your hair a few shades to lessen the look of thin hair. Add layers to it. This adds to the illusion of volume and disguises the thin hair.

Pump it up!

You may be surprised how well thickening products work for adding volume to your hair.  Don’t forget to accessorize. If you truly have extremely thin hair due to over usage of chemicals and the damage is reversible, try wearing a scarf around your head and give your scalp a break and time to breathe.

Spray on some color

Don’t be ashamed to try spraying your scalp with color to hide the patches. Be sure to find a product that works best for you. Once you find one that is non-sticky, and a sure match to your color, you may be pleased with the results.

Be creative with your hairstyle

It never hurts to try wearing your hair in a different way. Talk to a professional hairstylist about suggestions for great new looks for you. Sometimes chopping all the hair off, adding layers and styling it is the best way to hide the thinness.  Also, styling it right after the shower can have great benefit.

While hair is still wet, be sure to blow dry it with a round brush with your hair upside, pulling and lifting from the root giving your hair volume and fluff.  Throwing in some Velcro rollers before drying can also be a nice lift for the hair.  We may think hairspray is the last thing we need, but you don’t want all your hard work go to waste, so find a good hairspray.

Use a Hair Regrowth Spray

When you use a proven hair regrowth spray to stop thinning hair and regrow it, you won't have to worry about disguising thinning and patchy hair loss. We highly recommend Har Vokse as our top rated hair regrowth spray because it doesn't contain any nasty chemicals that could just make things worse, but it actually does work for regrowing hair in women.

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