Nov 14

What is Dihydrotestosterone Responsible For?

Dihydrotestosterone, also known as DHT is one of the top causes of hair loss in both men and women. Although we know that it is responsible for thinning hair, unfortunately there is no magic pill to stop its effect and cause hair to stop falling out.

What Does DHT do?

DHT is a hormone that is affected by levels of the male hormone testosterone in the blood. It acts on follicles to stop the growth of hair. Some women have this hormone in their bodies even though it is a male hormone. If a womans hair follicles are sensitive to the effects of DHT, they may end up losing their hair.

In men, DHT also affects the growth of facial hair, changes that are seen in puberty such as deepening of the voice, and muscle growth. It is possible to have a certain level of this hormone in your body without it having a negative affect on hair growth.

How Does DHT Work?

DHT works on the hair follicle, causing it to reduce in size and thus restricting the follicles ability to grow new hair. In addition, it also causes a waxy coat to form around follicles, further constricting them and causing male and female baldness to occur.This is why statistics show it is responsible for around 95% of hair loss.

How To Counteract DHT?

To counteract the effects of DHT you need to use a clinically proven hair regrowth product like Har Vokse. This product works on the inside and outside of the body to stop hair loss and cause hair regrowth, no matter what the cause of baldness and hair loss is.

It was developed through years of research by Norwegian scientists to be proven to work on even extreme cases of hair loss.

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