Jul 14

How To Hide Thinning Hair for Women

As we go through life, we experience all kinds of changes in our body. Hormonal changes, chemical changes, even changes in our weight. These changes all effect us in different ways such as our nails get thinner, our body has a harder time putting off weight, our skin gets drier, and our hair gets much thinner.

female hair lossMany of these changes can be hard to deal with, but one that truly affects our pride is when our hair gets thinner. We notice our hair doesn’t look so cute anymore in certain styles, or that it doesn’t fall as pretty as it once did.  Everything we used to do is not something we can do anymore, and it saddens us.

There are multiple tips available on how to hide thinning hair, and they may seem silly, but they have proven effective for many other women. Give these ideas a try, and you may be pleased with the results.  The more options we have available the better.

These are some great suggestions on how to hide thinning hair:

Change your hair color

Darker hair color amplifies the thinness of the hair, so add highlights or lighten your hair a few shades to lessen the look of thin hair. Add layers to it. This adds to the illusion of volume and disguises the thin hair.

Pump it up!

You may be surprised how well thickening products work for adding volume to your hair.  Don’t forget to accessorize. If you truly have extremely thin hair due to over usage of chemicals and the damage is reversible, try wearing a scarf around your head and give your scalp a break and time to breathe.

Spray on some color

Don’t be ashamed to try spraying your scalp with color to hide the patches. Be sure to find a product that works best for you. Once you find one that is non-sticky, and a sure match to your color, you may be pleased with the results.

Be creative with your hairstyle

It never hurts to try wearing your hair in a different way. Talk to a professional hairstylist about suggestions for great new looks for you. Sometimes chopping all the hair off, adding layers and styling it is the best way to hide the thinness.  Also, styling it right after the shower can have great benefit.

While hair is still wet, be sure to blow dry it with a round brush with your hair upside, pulling and lifting from the root giving your hair volume and fluff.  Throwing in some Velcro rollers before drying can also be a nice lift for the hair.  We may think hairspray is the last thing we need, but you don’t want all your hard work go to waste, so find a good hairspray.

Use a Hair Regrowth Spray

When you use a proven hair regrowth spray to stop thinning hair and regrow it, you won't have to worry about disguising thinning and patchy hair loss. We highly recommend Har Vokse as our top rated hair regrowth spray because it doesn't contain any nasty chemicals that could just make things worse, but it actually does work for regrowing hair in women.

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Sep 17

Hair Loss Concealers – Do They Work?

baldnessDo hair loss concealers actually work? Or are they just another scam designed to take your hard-earned money for a worthless product?

These concealers are becoming increasingly popular, with brands like DermMatch and Caboki leading the market.

While they can be difficult to use at times, for a special occasion where you want to look your best they may be worth the effort to disguise bald spots.

I set out to investigate the world of hair loss concealers and made the following findings:

Sometimes they work

Hair loss concealers are a good way to cover up specific bald patches. They work by the powdery fibers clinging to the remaining hair you have and creating the illusion of hair where there is none.

It is important to take the time to learn how to use the product properly before your first outing when using a concealer, as lack of technique can leave the result looking less than realistic.

Sometimes they don't work at all

They don't work for everyone, you need to have a fine fuzz in place to provide something for the fibers to cling to. Otherwise, the powder will just slip off.

Other downsides include the product slipping off in rain or windy weather. This isn't ideal if you want to keep your hair loss secret.

If you have a large area of baldness to cover, or your hair loss is patchy it can take a long time to cover your bald spots with these products.

They aren't so great for women or men with long hair, as the fibers are only very short and therefore cannot blend into long hair in the same way that they do for shorter hair lengths.

There is a better solution

Wouldn't it be better to tackle the cause of hair loss and permanently restore your lost hair instead of merely covering it up with a concealer?

There are hair loss products on the market that have proven themselves to work quickly and effectively to stop hair loss and restore lost hair.

Our top rated hair loss treatment is a dual action system called Har Vokse that works for both men and women within as little as two weeks. It also has been proven to work for over 90% of people.

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