Is Hair Loss Inherited?

You may be one of the people who believes that baldness and hair loss is genetic. You may have looked to balding parents and thought that this was your fate. Sadly, you would be right, hair loss is passed down through families, with studies showing female hair loss having a higher chance of being passed on to male children.

So you may think you are doomed to accept that you will lose your hair, but there are things you can do to halt hair loss if you first understand what is causing it. There are other causes apart from genes.

At it's core, hair loss is caused by a high level of DHT in your scalp. This is produced by the mixing of male hormones with a specific enzyme, and is present in both males and females.This isn't well tolerated by follicles as it cuts off the blood supply. A healthy blood supply is needed to produce new hair.

Of course other things can contribute to hair loss including poor nutrition and circulation. Thankfully there are a number of hair loss reversing products available to buy, although they aren't all very good at stopping hair loss and balding.

We looked at the top products out there just now and came to the conclusion that Har Vokse, a Norwegian formula specifically designed to stop hair loss and cause the growth of new hair, is the best product you can buy if you are suffering from baldness or loss of hair. To find out why:

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