Does Hair Regrowth Shampoo Work?

When you are losing your hair and want it to grow back, you may turn to products like hair regrowth shampoos in order to get it back. But do these shampoos actually work or are they just another marketing scam? We set out to find out.

To answer this question we need to look to science. These shampoos don't work on the existing hairs, as once they are grown the hairs are essentially dead. Instead, the idea is that they work on stimulating the hair roots to grow.

Usually your hair will grow up to an inch a month, but research into products has shown that some can make it grow faster. There are certain herbs that are believed to stimulate hair growth including hibiscus,peppermint and Eclipta Alba.  Shampoos usually contain a blend of natural ingredients like these in an attempt to cause hair to grow faster.

These shampoos have the advantage of being easy to use, and easy to incorporate into your daily routine. They have a few disadvantages.One is that these products often don't contain enough of the key ingredients to make a real difference. And since you only allow the shampoo to come into contact with the scalp for a short period of time before washing it off, you don't really give the ingredients a good chance at penetrating into the hair follicles.

So whilst hair regrowth shampoos may work to a certain extent, you really want a more concentrated product that you leave on or take internally in order to allow the hair growing ingredients to get to work inside the hair follicle.

The ideal product for achieving hair regrowth is a Norwegian formula called Har Vokse. It consists of a hair regrowth spray along with a hair nourishing pill. This unique combination is in my opinion the best option for getting hair to grow back easily and quickly.

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