L’oreal Kérastase Densifique Review

In May 2013, UK newspapers were filled with claims that a miracle baldness cure was on the horizon. It’s name was Kérastase Densifique and it is being made by established beauty product manufacturer L’oreal.

The “miracle cure” would come in vials of product that initially cost $300, and claims to reawaken dormant hair follicles, causing them to produce hairs once again. If the claims are to believed this does sound like a wonder product. But can we believe the claims?

Let us look at the key ingredient, a compound called Stemoxydine.Now this isn’t a new ingredient, it was contained in the exact same 5% potency, in a product launched in 2012 called Neogenic. Although this product launched in a flurry of similar spectacular hair regrowth claims, consumer response was poor:

“It’s not worth it. Too expensive, and too little of a result.” – Hair loss forum

Is this new product simply Neogenic repackaged and relaunched with a new name? Rumor on popular hair loss forums is that it is.

Now lets compare the results of Kérastase Densifique with that of a well established hair loss product from Norwegian scientists called Har Vokse.

Densifique claims an increase in hair density by 4% after three months. Contrast this with the clinical evidence behind Har Vokse:

“These three randomised controlled double blind studies reported a benefit of percentage regrowth of between about 30% to 40% over six months”

Based on this evidence, it seems clear which product comes out on top in terms of overall regrowth. Har Vokse Significantly outperforms the new Kérastase Densifique in this arena.

In terms of cost, a basic Kérastase Densifique kit of vials is more expensive than Har vokse.

Har Vokse is also more flexible with their pricing. Although a 1 month supply of the pills and spray is available for just under $125, you can buy a 6 month supply of their hair regrowth spray and pills together for $375 which works out at just $62 per month.

This is because of the discount structure. When you buy 2 you get 1 free. And when you buy 3 you get 3 free! So it pays to buy more if you want to stick with the program.

Har Vokse also offers 24hr worldwide ordering and free delivery to countries like the UK and US.

Overall, you can see which side we are leaning towards. Outperforming Kérastase Densifique in terms of cost,worldwide availability and results is Har Vokse hair regrowth spray and supplement combo.

For more information on Har Vokse Click here

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  1. i used it from december and do the whole course of three month ….lets see what goimg happen ..still i couldnt see any difference in condition

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